The whole world is moving to the web including software. 70% of software developed are web based and nearly 90% of offline software have an online version. This has been going on for some time climaxing to cloud computing where software including the operating system is online.

We develop customised web based software and also host the same on our secure servers. When you have software online you can work from anywhere provided there is internet, it can be shared amongst branches of a business  stationed distance apart. Another benefit of having software online is that you can receive remote assistance from the technical team which is quicker than visiting physically.

Most problems to do with data can easily be solved using custom web based softwares, the days of managing data using excel are gone, use the power of web scripting and sql databases to take your operations to  a whole new level. 


Custom - how do you want it?

There is nothing like a crazy idea since we believe in doing what has never been done before.

Business have  very diverse software needs such that not all software can be procured off shelf. Most in need of customisation are web portals, every day someone has a unique idea of an online business which could be the next google or facebook. Consumer Linkup has the capacity to undertake massive projects that may span over several months of development time with proper timelines and every deadline met. Come to us with your idea and we will make it a reality.